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Puppy Love? I think not!

April 1st is not a night that I would want to be out at the bar. Can you imagine the pranks someone could pull on you? Ha! Well, Aimee felt the same way. However, contrary to her wishes, her roommate dragged her out for a friend's birthday celebration. (Is anyone else picturing this as a film starring Jennifer Aniston?)

These two single ladies just so happen to stumble upon two single men. After Aimee's roommate glides into the men's attention, she discovers that one of the men is from Connecticut - Aimee's home state. That's enough to start a conversation, right? Well after further discussion, Aimee and this man by the name of Alex, discover that he grew up down the road from her other roommate. To confirm that this wasn't some kind of April Fool's joke, Aimee texted her roommate asking about him. Luckily, she confirmed that he was a great guy from a great family. This gave Aimee the green light!

As time went on, Aimee and Alex began going on dates more and more. One of their favorite ways to spend time together was doggie dates! *Cue Neely and Cooper's introduction!* After a year of dating Aimee and Alex decided it was time to move in together. They tried staying in Alex's condo but decided they needed more space and Cooper and Neely needed more yard. With that being said, house hunting began. Shortly after beginning their search, they were lucky enough to find the perfect home...but discovered it needed some updating. Well they weren't the only ones who noticed this. They received an email from HGTV asking if they would want to be on House Hunters Renovation with their kitchen renovation. Umm...DUH! With taping of the show, construction and the rush of their regular lives, Aimee and Alex were in a renovation tornado. Things were busy! The kitchen project that was supposed to be 8 weeks turned into 6 months! (As an owner of a 1786 house, I totally understand why). Once it was all said and done, the camera crew disappeared. The guests in the house were all gone. The noise was silent. Things were...calm. As the holidays started to roll in and the dust began settling, Alex and Aimee began thinking about the next step. To Aimee's surprise, on a relaxing night drinking wine on the couch, Alex got down on one knee and asked Aimee to be his forever! I'm not sure there is a better Christmas present!

Aimee and Alex met me at Benson Park in Hudson, NH for their engagement session. We walked around the playground and found a beautiful pond with a walking path winding around it. They had brought Cooper and Neely and wanted to do photos with them first, because just like children, dogs have a schedule of their own and we wanted to make sure we got them while they were happy ;) The boys were AMAZING! (but let's be honest, I'm pretty sure they could have been chasing a cat and they still would have stolen the show with cuteness). Neely and Cooper's humans were so fun to shoot with. There are couples that when you get the two together, they just fit; like puzzle pieces. I felt this with Aimee and Alex - as if they had been together in another life. They just complimented each other so well. This obviously makes my job easier as a photographer but it makes it so enjoyable to witness the quiet and confident love. It really makes me believe love can last for forever...and maybe even longer.

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