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Cookin' Up Some Love in the Kitchen

I once read that we are believed to only fall in love with 3 people in life and each person is for a different reason. The first is the love that "looks right". We generally find them when we are young and somewhat naive. Who else had that one boyfriend or girlfriend in high school that they swore they would spend the rest of their life with? I sure did. I am, by no means, saying it is unrealistic or impossible to fall in love with your high school sweetheart - I still believe in fairy tales, trust me! However, not every fairy tale works in that order. Sometimes, we must write our own.

The second love is the "hard love". This type of love is probably the most influential. With this love, we learn so many lessons and like clay, are molded into the person we were meant to be. With this, we often learn that this second love does not fit into the world of the person we have become. Once we chip away the outer layers of what society has made us believe was meant to be, we realize we need something different.

The next love is the final love. They are the love that is meant to last a lifetime. This one is usually unexpected. Like a warm blanket on a cool day, it wraps itself around you, making you feel so safe and right where you belong. And here sit Alex and Bethany.

In the Summer of 2017, Alex and Bethany were introduced through a mutual friend. They were both sorting through their own luggage and became great friends through this. Their days together were spent doing simple things - the things we often don't take part in anymore because we are so wrapped up in the larger things in life and forget to marvel in the simple ones. They would often play cards, listen to music or just have the old fashioned evening conversations on the porch. A list of events took place, forcing distance between the two. Normally this would cause the emotions and the unforeseen love to dwindle. This was not the case. In the year they were apart, Bethany and Alex began to develop feelings they couldn't subside. The love they had for each other was beginning to overflow and others were witnessing it before even THEY realized it.

When they reconnected the following Spring the sparks flew and there was no holding it back. Each having children from previous loves, their families were blending like watercolors on a canvas. They were creating a beautiful masterpiece. When I asked Bethany what her and Alex loved doing together and what activities they enjoyed together she was so passionate about how much they just loved the simplicity of being in each other's company! {Now, I'm going to let you in on a little secret - Bethany helped introduce me to my now husband so I've known her for quite a few years. I have seen her with a couple of those previously mentioned loves. NONE of them compared with what I saw the day I was introduced to Alex.} We decided to really embrace their enjoyment of staying home, dancing while cooking dinner, watching funny movies, or diving into a book together. We rented an AirBNB with a gorgeous, open concept kitchen that Bethany and I both fell in love with in Grand Isle, Vermont.

Within minutes, the love between the two of them began lighting the room up. Listening to Alex, I could tell he lives to make Bethany smile and laugh. As he began impersonating several different voices, she exploded with laughter. He watched and with each ounce of laughter that came out of her mouth, Alex inhaled as if it gave him life. They spent the next 4 hours just...being. I didn't have to direct them, or tell them to move closer, or smile. I just stood in the shadows and witnessed their passion for each other through my lens.

There are moments as a photographer in which you feel like you are creating magic, and others where you feel as though life is creating magic and you are capturing it. This day was the later of the two. I cannot wait to see these two seal all of this love in front of their closest family and friends in August! It will truly be magical!

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